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CD Reviews: Jason Rigby "Translucent Space" FSNT254
Posted by: adminon Wednesday, May 03, 2006 - 12:00 PM

Right away you're aware that you're listening to a master who is adept @ 'the reeds,' with a handle on melodic, rhythmic, & harmonic predictability.... connoting a brand of palatable bebop. Jason Rigby is the reed master of which I speak. The frosting is the fact that this is also very listenable original music, fitting easily into the jazz version of the American Songbook. Rigby can display a brilliant virtuosity & flexibility while handling some very complex harmonic lines & intervals. His improvisational prowess is in a word....fluent! His talents such that it breathes life into a song...Definitely an understated national treasure.

George W. Carroll/The Musicians' Ombudsman