Jason Rigby
Translucent Space (Fresh Sound)

June 17, 2006


MOST MUSICIANS THESE days make their debut as a leader long before they hit their stride as a player, so it’s more than a little refreshing to hear 31-year-old saxophonist Jason Rigby make his such a strong one. Joined by such folks as pianist Mike Holober (who plays a mean Fender Rhodes here), bassist Cameron Brown and a handful others, the New York-based leader uses brief sketches of melody that allow optimum expression from the boys in the band – they give him musically rich performances that push envelope but never go over the edge. Standout musical moments are many on this gem, but both “Proximo” and “Southhampton [UK]” stand out – it’s worth noting that Rigby’s soprano playing on the latter recalls a nice balance of Shorter’s elliptical nuance and Coltrane’s ecstatic fluidity. Recommended.

Tad Hendrickson