CD Reviews - June 2009
by George Fendel, and Kyle O'Brien


Reviews by Kyle O'Brien


The Sage, Jason Rigby, saxophones.
On his second disc as a leader, New York-based Rigby continues where his first left off -- frenetic jazz that teeters on the avant-garde. The opener, "Magenta," has multiple shades of Clotrane, Corea and Coleman. It's thick and jittery, like canola oil bouncing around a searing hot pan. Mike Holober's Fender Rhodes piano brings in the '70's vibe, while Gerald Cleaver's drums hop and jag across the ears. Rigby proves himself a strong player, hefting his tenor with considerable muscle on "Crux" while trumpeter Russ Johnson blasts counter melodies. Things don't calm down until the tone painting, "Shift of Color," brings in new textures, thanks to Rigby's flute. This is intense music even when relatively quiet. We've heard this kind of playing before over the last 40 years, but Rigby and company manage to bring a new angle to it with their kinetic modernism.
2008, Fresh Sound New Talent, 60:00.