Jason Rigby
The Sage
Fresh Sound Records
By George W. Harris

Tenor/soprano saxophonist Jason Rigby is a fairly new addition to the post bop group of artists. His tone is late period Coltraneish with a touch of mournfulness. He joins up with Ted Curson-inspired trumpeter Russ Johnson, Mike Holober/Rhodes, Cameron Brown/b and Gerald Cleaver/dr for some slightly tangential modal music. The slightly avant tunes like "Magenta" and "Shift of Color" have a free floating feel, while the brooding and gurgling "Slip" has a Bitches Bew slink to it. Rigby's soprano mixes with Holober's keyboards to create some explorative yearning. On the other side, "The Archer" mixes Rigby's brooding sax with Johnson's Bubber Miley like muted trumpet that juxtaposes Gatsby era jazz with futuristic fusion. The title track includes some Dolphy-esqu "Out To Lunch" evocations with Johnson's trumpet conversing with Cleaver, displaying a wide palate of emotions. Fans of that genre will enjoy this new kid on the block.