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EXPERT RATING: - 4 stars

From AMG Reviews

Like many artists signed to Fresh Sound New Talent, multiinstrumentalist and composer Jason Rigby is an emerging musician with lots of chops and a new perspective as a writer. With a core group including keyboardist Mike Holober, veteran bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Mark Ferber, plus occasional guests, Rigby's musical palette is extensive. "Southhampton [UK]" provides a tasty blend of African rhythm with a postbop theme. The mysterious ballad "Atmospheric" opens with a bass solo, then features Rigby's brooding tenor sax, with Holober providing an echoing line just behind him in spots. "Green of Greens" is a haunting melody featuring the leader's mournful soprano. "Mumbai" is another Africaninfluenced work, with [Rigby] switching to wood flute. The loping "Christopher" is a melancholy waltz, adding cellist Lauren Riley playing warm arco accompaniment. Jason Rigby clearly is a talent deserving of wider recognition with this excellent debut CD as a leader.

- Ken Dryden, All Music Guide